Supported by our core values of innovation, knowledge, quality, people and communication, together with accredited ethical trade and environmental standards, IP Surfaces offers cutting-edge design solutions, formulated through extensive research, testing and development.

Working with quality resources and the latest manufacturing technologies and techniques, we can deliver world-class creative projects that transform spaces, externally and internally, into places for people.

Our Ethos – any design, any surface, anywhere.



















Taking your existing logo or brand name and incorporating it into the artwork.

Focussing on elements that would be incorporated with your finished interior design space.

Focussing on elements that would be incorporated with your finished exterior design space.

Elements which are predominantly featured in landscape design.

Elements which can feature within building façades or within cladded panelling.

Application of a surface finish to a material.

Focussing on how the material surface can change with the refraction and reflection of light.

Choose from a range of designs or submit your own bespoke idea.

Incorporate words, phrases or simply letters in the artwork.


Our approach is pragmatic yet open and intuitive to your artistic vision through the enhancement of multi-material hard surfaces utilising the latest hi-tec laser technology, mechanical processes and artisan, handcrafted techniques.

We will discuss with you and explore with you, ways to create texture, colour, shape and form to embellish uniquely produced or supplied elements for that forthcoming project or scheme. We can also create initial samples for you to discuss with your customer or client team depending on the size and scale of the project.

Remember – the scope of your imagination is the scale of our passion!


Our diverse team consists of skilled professional craftsmen and women working in state-of-the-art facilities operating the latest efficient, modern and sophisticated equipment. Each craftsperson specialises in a particular part of the production process from operating cnc workstations and hi-tec laser, waterjet and sandblasting machinery to handcrafted skills and general production duties.

Our team also includes experienced staff in CAD, 2D and 3D technology alongside logistics and account management teams to oversee and collaborate with you on your next impossible possible project.


Our purpose is to inspire and enable you the artist, designer, sculptor or architect to fulfil your vision of creating something uniquely yours, or something that we can suggest, to help you realise that dream and realise that ambition.

IP Surfaces works across all parts of the design and development process; from collaborating with curatorial services, concept generation and design evolution, right through to manufacturing, fabrication and installation.

Allow us to align that creative energy of yours with our experience and expertise to produce something tangible, something truly aspirational and something quite impossible – made possible.

Image courtesy of Karl Glenn at BCA Landscape.

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